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This past year, we’ve been more homebound than ever, and some of us have used this time to stay busy with new projects.

The Pet Poison Helpline took a look at the poisoning calls that came in since the pandemic began then compared them to the year before.

They found that incidents of poisoning from breadmaking are at #1 and #3 on the list with yeast poisoning increasing 222% and bread dough poisoning up 292%.

Yeast, fermenting in the intestines, can produce alcohol, which can be deadly to pets.

Right in-between, brewed coffee poisoning is up 207%.

Art supplies and paint poisoning increased 113% and 96% respectively.

Some folks found they were self-medicating with marijuana, cocktails and wine in the last year. Those three causes for pet poisoning increased between 77% and 102%.

And even as we worked extra hard to keep things clean, cleaning products brought 92% more calls. Hand sanitizer produced a 413% increase in poisonings.

Finally, Vitamin D3 was a culprit for sickening our pets with incidents of Vitamin D3 poisoning up 85%.