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(WGHP) — Memorial Day is coming up, people are gathering outside on their patios, and with many taking the last year to get much better at cooking, has seen an influx in interest in both grills and smokers.’s Jacob Palmer told FOX8 that charcoal grills are for people who value flavor and the art of the process.

If you want the absolute best flavor, go for this, but, he said beware: this takes much more effort than the propane grill.

Gas grills won’t taste as good, but you can’t beat the convenience and reliability of it. They aren’t overly expensive, and it’s a luxury to be able to have a delicious grilled dinner ready in a half-hour, which is impossible with a charcoal grill.

Palmer advises that smokers are for the experts or people who want to add a little panache to their routine. loves to recommend a budget model for beginners because they likely won’t need all of the bells and whistles of the newer high-end models. loves Weber as a brand for both charcoal and gas, depending on what your needs are. They’ve tested the newest, three-burner model extensively, and the amount of control you can practice over your meal is truly top notch. It’s also easy to keep clean.

For the smokers, likes a model from Royal Gourmet if you’re looking to save a few bucks. Of course, if you want to go top of the line, you can’t go wrong with Traeger.

Palmer said that he recommends beginners always get a meat thermometer. You’ll learn how to perfect chicken, and you’ll serve food with complete peace of mind.

Outside of that, you of course need a good grill brush and want to find one that doesn’t leave bristles on the grill. recommends getting a model from Weber, and has also tested a Kona grill brush that has really held up over time and still gets the job done.