HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Today is National Gym Day, a day meant to encourage people to get active and get in shape.

You can buy a gym membership or join your local YMCA, but you don’t have to. In today’s Mommy Matters, we’ve got five ways to get your whole family physically active for free.

  • After dinner take the whole family on a walk. Especially going into the fall season, it’s a great time to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and get your body moving.
  • Another option for moving is to ride bicycles after dinner. Just make sure if you’re riding on a road, everyone knows and obeys the laws, and everyone should wear a helmet.
  • You can also encourage the kids to get moving by encouraging active games such as kickball or tag.
  • Another way to get moving for free is to visit local parks. They have more than playgrounds. You’ll find walking trails, bike paths, and much more. Barber Park in Greensboro has disc golf. Country Park has pedal boats. Doak Park in Thomasville has a skate park. Check out your local Parks and Recreation Department’s website to see what’s available in your neighborhood.
  • And a really important way to get your children physically fit is to be a role model. If kids see you being active, they’re more likely to be active too.