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(WGHP) — When you have pancakes or waffles on the table, chances are there’s some syrup nearby. While maple syrup has always been popular, there’s now a new choice on the shelf. 

Brad Jones tells us, it comes from a company with a lineup of flavors that are Made in North Carolina.

“This is the sweet potato capital of the world,” Stacey Moore said. That’s why she decided to take one of North Carolina’s signature crops to create her signature product.

And sweet potato isn’t the only one. Stacey, along with her husband Jamil, and Brittany and Jerry Vaughan are churning out all kinds of syrup. For example, one is made of apple and another is made from raspberry, cranberry and orange.

“The great thing about ours is you can use it to marinate meat,” she said. “You can use it as a glaze with your meat. I just made a glaze for some chicken wings by accident with pumpkin spice syrup, and you can also use it for your teas, your coffee. You can flavor your lemonade.”

If you’re trying to avoid products with added sugar, there’s good news. Sweet Farm syrup is only sweetened with the ingredients’ own natural fructose.

You can find Sweet Farm products at Deep Roots Market in Greensboro, or catch them at one of their tastings throughout the Triad. You can also buy their syrup on the Walmart website or by going to the Sweet Farm website.