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SALISBURY, N.C. (WGHP) — Cheerwine, North Carolina’s own cherry cola, is teaming up with a Charlotte brewery to showcase that “Uniquely Southern” flavor in a brand new way.

Cheerwine has a long history in North Carolina. It’s known for being different, but the company has never forgotten its roots.

“You know, Cheerwine’s been around for over 100 years,” said Joy Harper of Cheerwine. “We started in 1917 in Salisbury, North Carolina. It was my great great grandfather L.D. Peeler who started the brand. We’re still family owned and operated.”

Cheerwine was known as a regional favorite, but now it’s gone nationwide. They’ve worked with other companies to create things like Cheerwine barbecue sauce, desserts and cocktails.

Their latest collaboration with NoDa Brewing Company, based in Charlotte, is Cheerwine Ale, a southern wheat ale with notes of the classic North Carolina soda. Harper says the Cheerwine flavor comes through nicely without being overpowering or too sweet.

“It’s just a nice balanced, smooth drinking beer,” Harper said.

The NoDa-Cheerwine connection got its start at the Cheerwine Festival, Salisbury’s annual celebration of all things Cheerwine.

“Every year they do the Cheerwine Festival, and there’s always special beers at that festival, but it’s one day and they’re gone,” said Jacob Virgil of NoDa Brewing Co. “People always want it for a longer period of time, so they reached out and came to us and said we have this great idea — two local, family-owned companies in the Carolinas — this would be a great thing for us to partner on.”

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Cheerwine Ale won’t just be a seasonal thing. NoDa plans for it to be a permanent fixture, and you’ll eventually be able to find it at other outlets and on the shelves of grocery stores across the Carolinas.

It just went on the market, and they’re already getting great reactions from customers.

“It’s been really nice to see how well it’s been received,” Virgil said. “We launched two days ago. Already have had grocery stores, our distributors throughout the state, calling us, saying, ‘How can I get more as quickly as possible? ‘Cause people are loving this beer.'”