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THOMASVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — A Thomasville mom is sharing her story of rising from rock bottom.

Helen Newlin went through a cycle of being in and out of jail while being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

“Sometimes when you’re young, you make foolish mistakes, but see at the same time, I thought that was the in thing to do, but it caused a downward spiral,” she said.

The consequences included disappointing her three children.

Newlin says her wake-up call finally came in 2002 when she served time for embezzlement.

She says God let her know she was going down a destructive path.

“When I sat there in that jail for that last time and had to go to Raleigh, that’s what did it because he told me, he said if you keep doing this, honestly, you’re going to be here the rest of your life.”

Newlin gave her life to Christ while incarcerated.

“Gave it to him. Every last bit of it,” she said.

Today, Newlin is active in her church, reconciled with her children, and letting others know that they too can have a new identity.

She is the founder of Overcomers United, which ministers to people through apparel and other items encouraging them to live beyond their past.

Newlin is 19 years clean and says no matter what you may be struggling with, keep going.

“Just to let them know even in this world, there is still hope. There is still faith. There is still love. There is still joy. There is still a way out.”