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Day Coker never knows what she’s going to encounter on the job.

She could come into contact with mold, bacteria and dangerous chemicals.

“It’s not a glamorous job, but when you love it, none of that stuff matters,” Coker said.

She not only specializes in heating & air maintenance and repair, but she also has her own company: AC by Day C.

“A male-dominated field and people are very interested to see a female show up to their home,” Coker said. “That’s always interesting to see the people’s faces. I look forward to that.”

Coker is used to that kind of attention.

She was the only girl in her high school electronics class and was a standout student.

However, that was not the field she pursed as a student at High Point University.

She studied pre-law.

“Went to enroll in law school and was like my heart. My heart’s not here,” Coker said.

After graduating from HPU, she returned to her passion and studied electronics engineering at Guilford Technical Community College and gained experience working for other companies.

“I’m learning. And I have learned in my years that people are supposed to be in a certain place at a certain time, and God will put you there when you’re supposed to be there,” Coker said. “Every day, I get to wake up and go do something that I look forward to doing. Not everybody gets to do that.”