GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Kindness.

That was the first thing that came to mind when artist Maria Santana was thinking about the best design for Greensboro Urban Ministry’s 2023 Holiday Honor Card.

“In this kind of world that we’re living now, we need kindness. In any way that we can see that, we can feel, we need kindness,” she said.

Santana, who grew up in Canada, remembered her childhood memories of making snowmen during winter combined with the love and kindness that shines in the character of her own daughter Victoria.

That’s how her painting titled “Victoria’s Kindness” came together.

Greensboro Urban Ministry has entered a new era for its Honor Card.

Artist William Mangum designed the card for more than 30 years – designing his last one in 2022.

This year, Greensboro Urban Ministry held a contest to find a new artist.

Santana heard about it from a neighbor and decided to submit an entry.

The design immediately resonated with Greensboro Urban Ministry’s contest committee.

“It just felt right, and we all drew to it and knew that it was the right one,” Greensboro Urban Ministry Community Engagement Manager Cheryl Ledford said.

The Honor card raises money for the organization’s program areas including Weaver House Shelter, Client Choice Food Pantry, Potters House Community Kitchen, Emergency Assistance Program, Pathways Family Center, Partnership Village, and Spiritual Care Program.

“For just Greensboro Urban Ministry, we have over 21,000 cards and Open Door has 2,000 and then we have some custom orders as well, so probably more like 30,000,” Ledford said.

Santana’s daughter, Victoria Davis, is proud to see how far her mom has come since she started taking art classes about ten years ago when the family moved to Greensboro.

“I remember I used to see what she was painting, and I always used to think, ‘Wow, look at my mom. She’s so cool,’” Davis said.

“She was very shy of her art, and I really feel like this contest really just helped her to see how good her art really is.”

“It’s an honor for me to be able to show and help this awesome organization,” Santana said.

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The presale is available now.

The Honor Card will be in retail stores beginning the first week of November.

You can find the list of retail locations and other details through Greensboro Urban Ministry’s website.