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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Tip Farmer has made a career out of helping people solve problems.

Her work as a creative consultant requires helping businesses think differently to meet a need.

When a prospective client asked her about how she would use her skills to address the homelessness crisis, it challenged her to use her imagination.

“I did my research…I was able to basically invent this idea of a cloud-based software that would be installed into self-service kiosks,” Farmer said. “That would provide wireless connection for the unhoused to communicate with government agencies and community resources.”

The idea would become the foundation of her tech company Tunnelight Solutions. Farmer is the CEO and founder.

Tunnelight Kiosks would connect people experiencing homelessness with real-time assistance for both immediate and long-term needs.

Once participants enter their information, the data will be saved into the system and AI technology will help develop the best response based on that person’s circumstances.


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“What may be an issue in Seattle or what may be an issue in LA is not the same issue that’s going to be in Greensboro…with Tunnelight, we’ll be able to analyze with this data that we’re collecting, so that we can have better government spending and actually nail down and get to the root of the problem for each individual,” Farmer said.

Farmer’s vision is a step closer to becoming a finished product. Students at the University of Central Florida are helping her build the app.

“I’ve always been driven by my passion, but now I feel like I’m being driven by purpose,” she said.