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CLEMMONS, N.C. — At just 26 years old, Nina Beck is the owner of a bridal and formal wear shop that has been a staple in Clemmons for decades.

Although she’s still building her business, she doesn’t want to do it without maintaining the store’s reputation of giving back.

She started working part-time at English’s Bridal and Formal Wear right after college.

Beck quickly became someone owners Mark and Cass English could count on.

“They realized that this was kind of my niche,” she said.

As much as Beck enjoyed working in the fashion industry, she left the business to pursue other interests.

She was working at a desk job when Mark called and informed her that Cass passed away.

“That was really sad and we obviously were really upset about that, but then he just told me that this was either going to go to me or go to nobody,” she said.

Beck discussed the business opportunity with her family.

With their support, she decided to accept Mark’s offer.

In May 2019, Beck became the new owner of English’s.

She has made a few changes to how the store is organized but says it was important to keep the same business name in honor of its 36 years serving the community.

Beck maintains the store’s reputation for helping people in need.

English’s continues to donate prom dresses through the Chris Paul Foundation and the store recently donated as many as 50 dresses to three different local Goodwill stores.

Beck also stepped in to help a family left without bridesmaid dresses when a shop unexpectedly closed.

After helping the family, they invited her to attend their wedding.

“Now that I have the means, whether it’s money or dresses or whatever it is, I can help in whichever way and I just want to know that’s what I’m here for,” she said.