WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — North Carolina’s famous for pork barbecue, but the newest barbecue restaurant in the Triad is all about beef. Specifically brisket.

East of Texas just opened on South Broad Street in Winston-Salem last week, and customers are lining up to take a taste of Texas. The Pitmaster slow cooks prime cuts of beef on a smoker built in the Lone Star State. The smoker, named Dolly, can hold a thousand pounds of meat at one time.

East of Texas owner Claire Calvin’s newest concept is to serve Winston-Salem a taste of her hometown, Houston, Texas. She grew up there but has lived “east of Texas” since she was 18 and in Winston-Salem since 2006. Her other two restaurants also give a nod to Texas. The Porch serves a Tex-Mex menu and Alma Mexicana leans more toward the Mexican favorites found in Southern Texas.

Calvin says East of Texas will focus mainly on Texas-style barbecue. The Pitmaster will smoke a variety of meats every day including brisket, chicken, pork, fish and even veggies. They expect brisket to be the most popular. It can be served in a sandwich, on a taco, or piled high on a ten-gallon tray with lots of Tex-Mex sides. 

FOX8 Foodie Shannon Smith stopped by on opening week to try a taste of the Texas-style ‘cue.