WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) – Piedmont Environmental Alliance is dedicated to building a more just, resilient and sustainable region.

The nonprofit’s annual Piedmont Earth Day Fair invites the community to learn about and experience sustainability practices.

There were demonstrations, activities for children, information on electric cars and a plant sale at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds on April 22.

New board member Jessica Fisher was in charge of coordinating event volunteers.

“I think the climate is such a big topic now and P.E.A. has done a really good job of just making sure people have the knowledge and have the education to be able to make informed decisions,” Fisher said.

Over 18 years, the Earth Day Fair has grown from a small celebration to the largest in North Carolina.

Piedmont Environmental Alliance’s community and youth program organizer says outreach efforts are important educational tools.

“The air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we grow our food in are vital for our survival, ” Jessica Rowe said. “It’s really important to engage in community events like the Earth Day Fair so that we can learn about how to take care of the Earth and how to be a good steward of the resources we have.”

The nonprofit also hosts lunch-and-learns and sustainability roundtables throughout the year.

They bring together representatives from the business, education, nonprofit and local government sectors to identify environmental problems and work together to find solutions.

“The way that we treat the Earth is really the way we treat ourselves,” Rowe said. “If you care about safety, human health, housing – so many different issues connect back to the environment. If we take care of the Earth well, then we’re actually taking care of ourselves well too.”

Piedmont Environmental Alliance has been able to expand its reach with support from The Winston-Salem Foundation.

Grants have allowed the nonprofit to hire five staff members and provide employees and board members with equity training.

“At P.E.A. we’re always trying to learn and grow and lean into that growth so that we can be the most representative and inclusive organization that’s really standing up for the community,” Executive Director Jamie Maier said.

She hopes community members will participate in events and choose to volunteer with Piedmont Environmental Alliance. Find out how to get involved or make a donation to support efforts online.