HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Part of home ownership is doing repairs and upgrades, but that can be difficult for people on a limited income.

Community Housing Solutions is a nonprofit that steps in to help women and families stay safe and healthy in their High Point homes, with the help of volunteers and one of our community foundations.

“I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart because if it wasn’t for them, my porch would have been falling in, my house- needs so much work done and they were so wonderful to take care of all of that,” Thomasina McCall, a homeowner that CHS helped, said.

She has lived in her home for nearly 40 years and after her husband died, she knew her home needed improvements. She couldn’t do them herself and couldn’t afford a crew. When she was connected with CHS, they came to help.

“We serve Guilford County with about 150 repairs a year and of those, 76% are women homeowners. Many of them are either widows or single moms or caring for children,” Gene Brown said.

McCall is the first homeowner to receive repairs through Community Housing Solutions’s grant from the High Point Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund, which is aimed at improving the lives of women of the city.

“The repairs that we do to families and homeowners like Ms. McCall will make your home safer, so it will prevent falls or accidents in the house and the complications that they can bring. It will also make her home healthier with clean air coming in and out of her house with the duct repairs we’re doing and prevent water damage from leaks in her house that have damaged one of her ceilings that we’ll be repairing as well. So really making her home healthier and also making her healthier, as well,” Brown said.

CHS invests about a million dollars a year into projects and relies on volunteers to help skilled staff complete the work.

Volunteer Sarah Light hopes that their work helps McCall and her family enjoy her home and live peacefully.

“It’s a blessing. I had no idea what they can do for you and it’s amazing. God blessed it,” McCall said.