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SALISBURY, N.C. (WGHP) — Jeremy Fulton practices what seems like an ancient art: bladesmithing.

But he’s smart enough to use modern tools like the hydraulic power hammer he’s using on this day as he molds a piece of steel into a blade that could be used for something like dressing a deer in the field. When you see his skill, you’d be surprised that he’s self-taught.

“I wish I would have had someone to show me the ropes,” said Fulton. “When I first started could it have been a lot of saved money and steel because I learned through failure.”

But, after making about 200 that weren’t very good, Jeremy had it figured out and now makes his living creating high-end knives and even swords for a surprisingly large group of people.

“As you progress in bladesmithing, you go from just wanting to make kind of little knives, eventually you want to make big swords, you want to make the crazy stuff,” said Fulton.

He didn’t choose the name for his business, Norse Forged, so much as it chose him. He’d show up and display some of his work at the Renaissance Festival near his home in Salisbury when it came about.

“I would always set up near the where they would have the Viking people and stuff and I didn’t have a name for my forge. When people would ask, you know, where do I get something done? Where do I get a cool knife? Oh, we got to head over there to the Norseman’s Forge,” recalled Fulton.

As he practices his art, he’s learned a little something about what everyone who has a shop eventually has to deal with.

“Every blacksmith, every woodworker, anyone who has any kind of workshop, they’ve got shop goblins,” said Fulton. “Shop goblins are invisible creatures that steal your tools off your workbench and hide them. Things go missing. So now he has his own house and his own little picnic table there. And I forged him his own sword.”

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