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(WGHP) — It didn’t take the Maxwells long to start living the American Dream. Well, in terms of generations, it didn’t – Max Maxwell is a first-generation American. His family is from Jamaica.

Max himself took a little bit of time. He joined the military after graduating from West Forsyth High School. When he got out, he tried real estate. His timing for that was a bit off since he started about the time the 2008 Great Recession hit.

“Being as young as I was, never been through any type of recession, I thought the real estate market was over,” said Max, who was in his early 20s at the time.

He tried something else that also didn’t work.

“So here I am back in Winston 2015/16. I have to move back in with my mother in order to kind of get myself back together,” he said.

Max decided he wanted to try real estate one more time, but without any money, he had challenges. He immersed himself in learning the industry, including how to do things without investing a lot of capital.

“I had to find out how to get into real estate and learn it enough that I could add value to people that had the money,” he said. “We go out and we find distressed properties. I’m sure you’ve seen them all across the city and the state.”

These are places that are often rundown. Sometimes they’re a place that was left to someone in a will or simply abandoned. Max began finding them for flippers and learned enough watching them that he began flipping houses himself.

Eventually, he became a major player in the real estate world.

As he did podcasts and YouTube and TikTok videos about what he was doing, he quickly found an audience and became a social media star who now makes significant money off companies that want to leverage his audience.

“They always come to us. I don’t think we’ve ever done an outreach to sponsors. I think if you just continue to put out content … You’re going to show up on the proper radar,” Max said.

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Max insists there are no secrets to his success other than consistent hard work and one more thing:

“You can be whatever you want to be, be whoever you want to be, and I think it just comes down to hard work and dedication to whatever that is,” Max said. “Just be yourself, and you’ll attract the people who like you.”

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