(WGHP) — Like so many people with huge followings on social media, Jen Hamilton never set out to do that.

“I never really anticipated anything like this happening,” said Jen of her more than three million followers on Tik-Tok, Instagram and Facebook. “I had a friend who…said, ‘Are you on TikTok?’ And I was like ‘no way’ because I already knew the kind of personality that I have that I would probably get addicted to it…just scrolling all day.”

But she began by sharing fun observations about her life with her husband and two boys, and it really took off. Her family doesn’t have a problem being on camera.

“I think that I got more of that from others who had that same kind of reaction,” said Jen about whether she should share so much of her family life. “I think I’m an over-sharer by nature. I think that the more that I put out into the world, the more I can relate to more people. So with each detail that comes out, with each thing that I share…maybe something I’ve been through, I can find more people who relate to that. And I crave connection, and I create that kind of…intimacy with a person where…we can relate to things on a personal.”

There is a financial upside to having so many people follow you. Jen makes a little money sharing some of the products she was using before she got on social media like Ohora Nails and Lilac Market headbands.

“They actually did a Jen Hamilton collection recently with chickens on them with the nursing phrases that I use, and they sold out three times,” she said.

You’ll have to watch the story to understand the chicken reference.

Jen’s main passion outside the family is her job as a labor and delivery nurse at Cone Health. It’s there that she feels she brings the most value to change lives. 

But she doesn’t mind helping someone have a laugh at life’s fun little moments either.

“I do not have a clean house, so I’m not like the example of…’you should have a clean house like me,'” Jen said. “But I know what that feels like to be overwhelmed…to go into someone’s house and kind of show we’re all the same…it just helps other moms to feel not so alone.”

See how she’s affecting lives she’s never even met through her nursing in this edition of The Buckley Report (oh, yeah, and you’ll see the chicken reference, too).