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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Winston-Salem State University has canceled the remainder of spring football practices due to COVID-19 concerns, the Winston-Salem Journal reports. .

The Rams had been through 10 of the scheduled 15 practices before workouts were shut down this week. A spring game set for 5 p.m. on Friday won’t be played.

Defensive end Karron Jeter, a fifth-year player, decided to stay at WSSU instead of graduating so he could play his final season. 

“We got some good practices in…so that was the main thing,” said Jeter, a potential All-CIAA player this fall. “It’s unfortunate we had to stop practicing, but now we’ve got some film to watch, and we have something to go on as we head into the fall.”

Etienne Thomas, WSSU’s athletics director, and interim head coach Robert Massey could not be reached for comment.

The specific reason for the practices being shut down is unclear at this time.

Jeter said he didn’t know whether the shutdown was because of cases on WSSU’s campus or within the football program in regards to COVID-19 issues.

Student cases have been on the rise since April 1, according to the campus COVID-19 dashboard.

There have been 115 reported cases among students and faculty since Jan. 1, and thirteen cases were reported on Monday. That’s the most reported in one day within the last month.