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When you see the new studio at WGHP FOX8 with the latest equipment and lots of space to move around, it’s state of the art.

That wasn’t the case more than 50 years ago

When we first went on the air from the top floor of the old Sheraton Hotel in High Point, the studios were small but there was just enough space to set up a wrestling ring.

Back then, WGHP had a long list of live programs, from newscasts to Dialing for Dollars and Dance Party, but Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling featuring the man with the microphone Charlie Harville turned out to be a huge hit.

Why is wrestling more popular than ever?

Wayne Brower, a wrestling historian who was there for the first match at the station in 1964, says it’s because it never lost that central theme: the battle between good guys and bad guys.

He said the storyline is right there for you to understand, and it’s so easy, you can actually relax and enjoy it. You don’t have to think a lot through it, and it’s a great escape from reality.

That’s why TV sets all across the area would click over to channel 8 and wait for the battle to begin.

Now, wrestling is back on FOX8.

Pull out the chair and take a seat Friday night. There is a WWE kickoff show at 7:30 p.m. Friday and all the action starts at 8 p.m. on FOX8.