Triad women prepare for mountain bike race


GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Let’s be honest, hitting the gym isn’t for everyone.

A group of ladies in the Triad decided that trails in the wild suited them much better than dumbbells in the weight room.

“I think there’s that rush that comes,” Donna Gardner said. “I was made to do this right now.”

“It’s like therapy, really,” Maggie Southern added. “It just feels rad, I guess!”

Those are just some of the sentiments Donna and Maggie had to say about the Piedmont Lady Shredders – a group focused on encouraging women in mountain biking.

“They’re the most accommodating, helpful, they want all of us to ride better,” Donna emphasized. “I really progressed quickly because I was chasing them around and they were giving tips.”

All showing that anyone can hop on a bike and hit the trails.

“I think there is the part of accomplishment,” Donna mentioned. “You’re working really hard when you’re out there riding. You’re going up hills, you’re using a lot of strength, a lot of your mental stamina.”

“I really love the challenge in that sense,” Maggie added. “I love seeing how I can push my body learning the new things, new techniques.”

And getting better each time a new technique is applied.

Donna explained some of the accomplishments she’s felt. “Oh, I did this a little bit faster this time, or I did it a little bit better, or I wasn’t quite as tired when I got done. That’s kind of just the milestones that happen, the good feels.”

They’re just two of 200 racers getting together this Saturday for the King and Queen of the Watershed mountain bike race – all while raising funds to give back to the trails they know and love.

“They end up going to build and maintain trails here in the Piedmont Triad area,” Piedmont Fat Tire Society race director Stephen Willis said of the funds raised.

From riding wear on the trails to clearing dozens of trees, these bikers don’t just use the trails. They help keep them in the best conditions possible.

“It’s a common misconception that the area trails are built and take care of themselves,” Stephen explained. “Building a trail takes about 100 hours per mile, and then maintaining the trails takes over 100 hours a month just for the trails here in Greensboro.”

The race will feature all ages from ten and up and all levels of experience. So anyone can hop on and see what the hype is about – and maybe learn some lessons along the way.

“Mountain biking is so much like life too,” Maggie explained. “You have so many obstacles in life and so many things in life you have to figure out and look ahead and calculate and use critical thinking. Mountain biking is so much like that.”

To find out more about the Piedmont Lady Shredders, you can request to join their Facebook group here.

To find out more about the King and Queen of the Watershed mountain bike race this Saturday, you can click here.

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