Kansas City Chiefs send teen with cerebral palsy to Super Bowl

The Big Game

MIAMI — One die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan is getting the chance of a lifetime, KCTV reports.

PJ Allred has left an impact on the team and its fans. And in return, the Chiefs gave him a trip to Miami to see the Super Bowl live.

“He talks nonstop. He loves to talk. He loves sports,” said Valerie Corpe, PJ’s mother.

Some things don’t always come as easily when you’ve grown up with cerebral palsy.

“I’m not that good at kicking,” PJ said. “If you want to make something happen, go out and work for it,” he said.

Like the time the high school senior came into the game and 80 yards to the endzone might have seemed impossible to some, but he made the touchdown.

“You have to believe in yourself,” PJ said.

Maybe that’s what caught the eye of PJ’s favorite player this fall and made his story go viral.

“I’m the talk of the town,” PJ said.

The Chiefs sent him and his family to Miami with Super Bowl tickets for him and his stepdad Tony Corpe.

“It’s a very cool experience, something we’re going to have a blast with,” Tony said.

It was PJ’s determination that got them there, but he hasn’t let the fame go to his head.

Even professional athletes can learn something about PJ’s strength.

It comes from within.

“The Chiefs can do it if they only believe in themselves,” PJ said.

“It’s important not to judge someone by how they look on the outside,” Valerie said.

“Nothing can stop you from doing your dreams,” PJ said.

PJ might just be the Chiefs good luck charm, too. They’re 6-0 since Patrick Mahomes handed him a game ball.

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