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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a double “Victory Monday” for one lucky Titans fan.

Chad Davis realized he had lost his Titans-themed wedding ring about an hour into his two-and-a-half-hour drive home from Sunday’s 34-3 win over the Miami Dolphins. It was a custom-made ring gifted to him by his now-wife.

Davis went into panic mode, so his son encouraged him to post about it on Twitter.

The tweet was shared hundreds of times and quickly got the attention of Titans president Burke Nihill. He asked his staff, including Ashlee Stokely, the Senior Director of Stadium Events and Fan Experience, to start looking.

“I was hopeful, obviously, but I was scared to death,” said Stokely. “I was like, the poor man’s wedding ring is under the snow at the stadium how are we going to find it? but they did a great job.”

‘They’ are Ken and Tracy – two Nissan Stadium security guards who found the ring in the dark as snow accumulated.

“Oh my gosh. That’s why I love this team, to be honest,” said Davis wiping back tears. “That’s why I have this [Titans tattoo]. It’s that simple. I love this team.”

He is certainly thankful to have his ring back, but when it comes to the bigger victory, he’s still picking the Titans.

(Chad Davis)

“Always the Titans. I could’ve replaced this ring easily. Yes, It wouldn’t have the same sentimental value, but I could’ve replaced this ring. We’re #1 in the AFC, we got the Texans to beat next week. Number one in the AFC after we do that, we got a bye and then I’ll be at every home playoff game.”

The Titans say they plan to reward the security guards who found the ring with special memorabilia.