The Miami Marlins are one of four teams battling it out for the final wild card spots in the National League. Every game over the final few days of the season is pivotal. Every at-bat is huge. Every single moment matters. 

All of that makes what happened in the seventh inning of their game against the Mets all the more infuriating. In case you missed it, Miami had the bases loaded with two outs in a tie game. Jake Burger watched a 1-2 pitch miss the outside corner, only to hear umpire Ramon De Jesus ring him up on strike three to end the inning. 

Burger was immediately toss from the game for yelling at the ump about this call:

That's just brutal. The Marlins went on to score two runs in the ninth to get the win but that at-bat in the seventh shouldn’t have been taken away from them by such a bad call.

MLB fans were not impressed: