Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher unexpectedly became a top highlight on Saturday for all the wrong reasons thanks to a hilarious sequence at home against Auburn.

With the Aggies up 20–3 in the fourth quarter, a carry from running back Rueben Owens was stymied after a forced fumble that resulted in a 67-yard scoop-and-score by Auburn linebacker Eugene Asante.

As Asante streaked down the sideline, however, Fisher suddenly appeared on the field mid-play and nearly got run over, a sight that gave a whole new meaning to the program’s signature “12th Man” tradition.

While Fisher, who was once a Division III quarterback, may have played the game in his heyday, the 57-year-old obviously had no business trying to live out any lost dreams of playing defense.

As expected, Fisher’s brief on-field cameo sparked a cavalcade of jokes on social media, ranging from playful barking about the coach not making a play to hilariously accurate comparisons to Steelers coach Mike Tomlin’s infamous sideline moment in 2013.