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For most, winning a state championship is a dream. For the Reagan girl’s golf team, it’s an expectation.

It’s as simple as head coach Jay Allred describes: “We’ve cultivated a tradition of winning.”

That tradition is still running strong with the team finishing an undefeated season with it’s second state championship in the last three years.

But winning isn’t the most important thing to Coach Allred.

“I love the process of getting them to believe in themselves,” he mentioned. 

The most impressive part? No seniors were on the title winning team.

“With golf especially, you can be any size, any shape, any year, and you can take the field down easy,” sophomore Anna Horverton described.

The winning culture doesn’t come without a lot of hard work.

“During the summer, I’m at the golf course from like 7 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon,” junior Morgan Ketchum said of her practice schedule.

And a little bit of motivation.

“Our team motto is strike hard, strike first, no mercy,” freshman Macy Pate explained. “That’s from Karate Kid.”

Nobody takes that motto to heart more than Macy, who won the individual championship as just a freshman.

“Not only did I want to do it for myself to that I was able to make it to win, but I wanted to do it so much more for my team,” she emphasized.

Her win was like a movie. On hole 18, Macy had to birdie the hole to be the state champion.

“I had about 12 feet, and it went all around every part of the cup,” she remembered. “When it went in, everybody was screaming.”

With this championship team, it takes a lot of differences to mold together a winning squad.

Coach Allred described his players. “Macy is gritty. I mean she’s just going to keep after she’s gonna hit it. You’re gonna find that she’s going to hit it.”

“Morgan has a power game,” he said. “You know those shots – the way she was hitting her club makes a different sound of everybody else.”

“Anna is grace,” he mentioned. “She’s got a beautiful golf swing…it’s just kind of an elegant swing and everything.”

And without losing anybody to graduation, there’s still much more to come from this dominant Reagan program. Maybe even some more trophies to put in the cabinet.

“These girls like they can do it as many times as we let them,” co-coach Mary Kate Bowman-Choat laughed.

“We still have a lot of golf left to do,” Morgan concluded. “It’s not our last one.”