New Greensboro College women’s basketball coach making immediate impact at her alma mater


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Success is nothing new to the Greensboro College women’s basketball team. It’s become the expectation for the Pride.

“GC has a history of winning,” new head coach Heather Macy explained. “That’s what we want to continue to build upon.”

After the passing of Coach Randy Tuggle in September, Greensboro College was left searching for someone to fill the shoes of the winningest coach in program history. 

In came Macy.

“I understood that we had some broken hearts that needed to be healed, and it was a very, very difficult transition,” she said.

20 years ago, Macy sported the green and white on her back. Now, she returns to her alma mater — this time on the sidelines with the new name “coach.”

“The most bizarre time that I stepped onto the court was for the first practice,” Macy remembered. “There I am standing on the court, blowing a whistle. I’ll never forget I was like ‘holy cow.’ Because as an athlete, I can just remember running the sprints, and this gym hasn’t changed very much since I was here. That was a little bit nostalgic.”

From day one, Macy showed that to play for her, you had to play like you’re hitting the buzzer beater every single day.

“Coach Macy is 100%. She keeps her word,” Junior Guard Karli Mason emphasized. “If she’s gonna push you, she’s gonna push you. If she says she’s gonna do this , she’s gonna do that.”

“She wants to win every game, and if we don’t, there is gonna be consequences,” Freshman Guard Lauren Livingston added.

On the sidelines, Macy does more than draw up plays. She’s invested in every dribble. 

“She’s in it, too,” Mason said. “She’s not just like ‘oh here, coach.’ She’s like, ‘You do this. You need to do that!’ That to me feels like she’s one of us. She’s not just my coach, she’s a player too”

“High intensity basketball is how we want to play,” Macy explained of her coaching style. “I’m aggressive and unapologetic about it, but that’s how you produce incredible results.”

Results that lead to the success Greensboro College has always known.

“It’s just like coming to a greenhouse in an environment where you can grow and thrive at a more rapid rate than you could anywhere else,” she said of her alma mater. 

From first stepping on the court at Greensboro College more than 20 years ago to coming full circle and running the program herself, Macy is proving that this era of the Pride is one to not be forgotten.

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