MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WGHP) — The ValleyStar Credit Union 300 was delayed to Sunday after rain plagued the venue on Saturday.  

For those interested in watching the biggest late model stock race of the year, there are a few things to know.  

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  1. HUGE EVENT: More than 80 cars entered. Since the event is so prestigious, 88 cars entered to battle at the paperclip-shaped short track in Martinsville, Virginia. This includes a plethora of CARS Tour drivers, then most prominent late model stock racing series owned by the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, Justin Marks and Jeff Burton, big NASCAR names. Some would say the CARS Tour is the biggest series next to NASCAR itself. Of those 88 entries, 83 were able to battle in the heat races. Among them, are big names like Carson Kvapil, Brenden Queen, Mason Diaz, Ryan Millington, Landon Huffman, Doug Barnes and Bobby McCarty. 
  2. HEAT RACES: They narrow down the race field with heat races. They have to divide up those 80+ entries and hold mini-races to figure out how they’ll line up. Just 40 cars will make the race, so the 40 best finishers in the heat races will advance.  
  3. DRAMA: The emotion at this race is high. Not only is Martinsville Speedway a beloved short track venue with a highly sentimental trophy (the famous grandfather clock) it’s known as a track to bring out driver tempers. It’s a race that people like Josh Berry, Mark Martin, Lee Pulliam and Timothy Peters have won – but not without a grueling 200 laps on the famous short track, where bumping and banging is a guarantee. 
  4. HOW TO WATCH: The race airs on FloRacing and the Motor Racing Network airs a radio broadcast from the track. While the green flag drops at 5 p.m. the broadcast will begin earlier with the dramatic heat races on Sunday.
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Entry List:  

Car No.  Driver 

01           Camden Gullie 

01A        G.R. Waldrop 

03           Brenden Queen 

04           Ronnie Bassett Jr. 

06           Terry Dease 

07           Chase Dixon 

07A        Kenny Forbes 

08           Brody Duggins 

09           Riley Gentry 

0             Landon Pembelton 

1             Trent Barnes 

1A          Jamie York 

1B          Andrew Grady 

2             Brandon Pierce 

2A          Josh Kossek 

2B          Matt Waltz 

4             Mike Chambers 

4A          Kyle Dudley 

5             Dexter Canipe Jr. 

5A          Carter Langley 

6             Bobby McCarty 

7             Dylan Ward 

7A          Blayne Harrison 

7B          Karl Budzevski 

8             Thomas Scott 

8A          Carson Kvapil 

8B          Chase Burrow 

9             Bruce Anderson 

10           Kaden Honeycutt 

11           Buddy Isles Jr. 

14           Jared Fryar 

14A        Jonathan Worley 

14B        James Sweeney 

15           Logan Clark 

15A        Kres VanDyke 

15B        Tristen Barnes 

15C        Ryan Millington 

16           Casey Kelley 

17           Jason Myers 

18           Anthony Adams 

19           Jessica Cann 

22           Landon Huffman 

23           Kade Brown 

23A        Zachary Dabbs 

24           Mason Diaz 

24A        Blaise Brinkley 

24B        Chase Ratliff 

25           Derrick Lancaster 

25A        Jacob Borst 

26           Peyton Sellers 

26A        Tony Housman 

31           Chase Robertson 

31A        Cole Bruce 

32           Zack Miracle 

33           Dillon Harville 

35           Steve Zacharias 

38           Riley Neal 

41           Davey Callihan 

42           Chris Horton Jr. 

43           William Sawalich 

44           Conner Jones 

50           Ross ‘Boo Boo’ Dalton 

51           Matt Cox 

51A        Jamey Caudill 

51M       Ryan Matthews 

57           Jimmy Mullins 

59           Heath Causey 

61           Justin Hicks 

71           Katie Hettinger 

75           Cory Dunn 

77           Trevor Ward 

77A        Blake Stallings 

77B        Connor Hall 

81           Adam Murray 

87           Mike Looney 

87A        Tate Fogleman 

88           Brad Housewright 

88A        Doug Barnes Jr. 

88B        Dustin Rumley 

90           John Goin 

91           Justin S. Carroll 

95           Sam Yarbrough 

95A        Jacob Heafner 

97           Daniel Silvestri 

97A        Michael Faulk 

97W       Magnum Tate 

99           Austin ‘Willie’ Somero 

99A        Colby Higgins