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NASCAR driver Derek White is facing seven charges in connection with the largest tobacco-smuggling bust in North America’s history, according to NBC Sports.

White, who is from Kahnawake, Canada, became the first Native American driver in the Sprint Cup Series when he raced in New Hampshire last year.

The NASCAR driver turned himself into authorities Wednesday after learning they had an arrest warrant out in his name.

Quebec and Ontario police told Bloomberg they arrested nearly 60 people, including White, who they believe were buying tobacco in the U.S. and illegally transporting it from North Carolina into Canada through three different border crossings. Because the tobacco was not declared at the border, it was not taxed.

Once the tobacco made it across the border, it was then resold in Canada and the profits were used to buy cocaine, police said.

Authorities, who wished to remain anonymous, told Bloomberg that White was listed as one of the top-ranking members of the smuggling operation.

During the investigation, authorities seized more than 1,800 pounds of cocaine, 46 pounds of methamphetamine and 35 pounds of marijuana. They also seized more than $1.5 million in Canadian currency and more than $3 million in U.S. currency.

White is charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit fraud against the government, three counts of fraud toward the government and one count of profiteering as a criminal organization.