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MIAMI (WGHP) — A 17-year-old high school football player is dead following a shooting on Tuesday, according to Miami police.

Isaiah Hernadez, 17, was standing outside of his home when Demarcus Cook, 18, drove up to him in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, according to police. Allegedly, Cook came to the home to purchase marijuana from Hernandez.

Detectives allege that Cook intended to steal the marijuana from Hernandez and allegedly opened fire on him from inside of the Jeep.

Herandez’s father says he was inside of the home and heard five gunshots followed by screaming. He says he witnessed his son’s last breath and could do nothing to save him.

Police searched Cook’s home and say they found the gun used in the murder as well as the stolen marijuana.

According to the Miami Herald, Cook is the half-brother of Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook.

Cook was arrested on Wednesday and is charged with one count of first degree murder, according to online records.

Cook remains in custody and is currently being held on no bond.

Hernandez played football for Miami Jackson Senior High School and was about to enter his senior year.