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Rich Brenner loved this business and the people associated with it. He loved being out with and talking with the newsmakers.

Most people remember him for standing or sitting at a news desk, but he most enjoyed  being out in the field with the people where the stories were happening much more than sitting at the desk.

He loved working with a team of photographers and producers to put good stories on the air. He would say “the best stories are the people stories,” and it was a lesson I will never forget.

Rich was a tireless worker and did whatever it took to get the job done. I’m sure it was from his military background. He would work 12-14 hours a day if that was required to get the story right.

He was a teacher first and foremost. He loved to pass along his knowledge of sports and the television industry to eager interns like myself. You couldn’t go anywhere in the state of North Carolina and beyond where Rich didn’t know someone at places and events where people would be calling out his name.

Rich Brenner was a broadcaster. That’s who he was. He always felt television could make a difference for the greater good.  He did that for his entire broadcasting career that covered almost 35 years.

He was a great friend and mentor. He will be missed.”

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