‘HEK YEH Putter Party’ returns to Truist Stadium


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The absence of Minor League Baseball at Truist Stadium this year didn’t stop all the action from taking place. The “HEK YEH Putter Party” returned this past weekend in Winston-Salem for four days.

“We are having disc golf where the Dash play,” said Bryan Short, also known as DJ HEK YEH.

Short, who lives in Winston-Salem, organized the activities at Truist Stadium this past weekend. He partners with stadiums looking to bring disc golf to ballparks. He estimates around 50-70 players competed each day this past weekend running from Thursday-Sunday.

“We have the ability to create a disc golf experience in baseball stadiums. The Winston-Salem Dash has been kind enough to help me build this dream. Last year we were here, this year we’ve broadened and used the entire stadium. The Dash staff is excited that we’re able to do this safely… provide folks in our area the opportunity to compete, have that baseball stadium vibe and be out here with your friends and family,” said Short.

Many local players came out to compete, not just for the experience of playing disc golf in a baseball stadium, but also for the great value of the event. A $15 entry fee would provide each competitor with 18 holes of disc golf, a Dash hat, raffle tickets, and a voucher for a free beverage of their choosing.

“There are a lot of tournaments that do urban disc golf, and this is one of the coolest things you can do. Normally we’re playing in the woods and in the leaves and losing discs, but this is utilizing the field when it is not being used for baseball, for disc golf. This is awesome and that’s why I’m here,” said Nicholas Morningstar, a local disc golfer.

Morningstar came out to the event on Friday and enjoyed it so much he came back out to play again Saturday and Sunday. One of the main reasons the event was so successful was its unique experience and its appeal to all skill levels of disc golfers.

“It’s a lot shorter but you get a lot more technical shots. You’ve got to be a lot more precise because you can get skips and you can get a whole lot higher score on these shorter holes based on how it’s laid out,” said Caleb Bauguess, who attended Friday night.

“The good thing about disc golf is the disc has no clue whether you’ve played the game or not so out here we’ve had people who have competed for the first time and we’ve got people who have played every day and they are out here to compete,” said Short.

Looking forward to the 2021 Baseball Season, HEK YEH and the Dash are looking forward to running more disc golf events at the park and hoping to combine the experience with a daytime Dash game, whenever the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

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