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Hundreds of runners gathered in downtown Greensboro Saturday morning for the third annual Mat’s Run for Hunger, a 10k event that raised money for the Second Harvest Food Bank.

With no time limit on the race, runners of every ability found their groove.

Jeff Keezer dropped 50 lbs. since he began running two years ago, but he says he couldn’t have done it without the help of people he’s met on the trail.

“I’ve never been supported like this, by people I don’t know,” Keezer said.

The camaraderie is intrinsic to the running life and its a big reason running events are so popular.

“We see each other on the Greenway a lot, and wave to each other.  It’s kind of nice event to get everybody in one place and do one run,” Keezer said.

As much as they love it, runners know many don’t understand the meaning behind it.

“I thought four years ago I couldn’t run either, but I had to do something. I would just say start with a short distance and build from there,” Keezer laments.

With $7,000 raised for the Second Harvest Food Bank, some people in need of food won’t forget they ran–and neither will those who crossed the finish line.