SEATTLE, W.A. (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) — After an exciting final quarter, the Panthers still fell to the Seahawks by 27-37.

The first half was mostly neck-in-neck, with Eddy Pinerio making a 47-yard field goal in the first quarter, which ended 3-3.

The second quarter heated up with Andy Dalton passing the ball to DJ Chark, resulting in the first touchdown for the Panthers on Sunday. Eddy Pinerio made another field goal, bringing the score to 13-12.

Unfortunately, the Panthers failed to score in the third quarter, ending in 13-22; however, Miles Sanders started the fourth quarter with a 1-yard touchdown.

The Seahawks then made two back-to-back touchdowns, but Jake Bobo made a last-minute touchdown after a 15-yard pass from Andy Dalton with less than two minutes left on the clock. However, the Panthers still fell 27-37.

This is after Bryce Young sustained an ankle injury during week two against the Saints. Andy Dalton started in Young’s place against the Seahawks.