GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Parker Byrd’s 14th surgery following his boating accident in July came with some encouraging news from his doctors.

Byrd had his surgery Friday morning at ECU Health Medical Center and was in recovery after several hours. Initially, it was believed he would have to lose his right knee due to the lack of blood flow after suffering serious leg damage in a boating accident in Bath Creek on July 23.

However, in the latest Facebook post from his mother, Mitzi Byrd said while Parker’s fibula was removed, his tibula was not. That means it’s possible his right knee won’t be removed.

“Today’s surgery went. His skin and tissue still looks good right now. Parker initially had little to no blood flow in both his tibia and fibula (the two long bones in your lower leg) after the lower leg amputation. This is why we were told he would lose his knee and either have to have an above the knee amp or disarticulation of the knee amp.

“In the last two surgeries, he has actually had blood flow to the bone marrow of his tibia! His fibula was still dead today, so it was removed. We have been told it’s ok because that’s the smaller of the two bones and sometimes it causes pressure point problems anyway. So at this moment, he has blood flow back to the tibia and could now possibly keep his knee.”

Mitzi Byrd said doctors continue to monitor the situation and no final decision has been made regarding his right knee. Still, it’s optimistic news for Parker and the family.

“We still have a ways to go before that decision is finally made and they still have to figure out how to get enough padding around that bone for a prosthetic to fit comfortably BUT I am praising God for restoring the blood flow to even make this a potential possibility! I know he is hearing all of our prayers for Parker and I believe in his miracles.”

She said they were hopeful he could be discharged from the hospital and go home but issues with insurance made that unlikely Friday. She also said in her social media post that the family expressed gratitude to everyone for their support along the way.