DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — When you get ready to play the Davie County High School lacrosse team, you better know the scouting report on goalie Danika Williams.

 She communicates well, is a great leader, has great instincts and quick hands, is tenacious, and she also has no legs.

“The height isn’t a problem,” Danika said. “I think when people look at me, they think, ‘She’s probably not going to be able to get it. She’s short’,,,it just turns into motivation.”

That’s been her story from the beginning.

She was born without a tibia in one leg and just a half a tibia in the other. Her parents had to make a tough decision when she was 15 months old: amputate both or have Danika spend her whole life in a wheelchair.

Her mother had the same condition and decided amputation was the right call.

“I think that was the best decision she could have made because now I can’t imagine sitting and not being able to run around or anything,” Danika said.

Sports has always been a huge part of her life, but last year when DCHS was looking for a lacrosse goalie, Danica’s name came up, and she’s been a fast learner.

“Two years playing, and she’s already made all conference twice,” said Head Coach Haley Hines. 

“People do pity her…once you see her, they don’t pity her anymore,” said teammate Jenna Scully.

Danica is just a junior and hopes to keep improving enough to earn college scholarships.

She’s already talking to schools about that. She also realizes her platform to talk with kids and to communicate the message to keep pushing forward. 

“There’s always going to be people picking on you or wishing on your downfall. I always say ‘prove people wrong,’ but now my motto is: ‘I’m not trying to prove people wrong but prove myself right.’”