Young Lexington artist already making impressive works

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LEXINGTON, N.C. — Art has always been a part of Kenrick Jobe’s life.

“It’s something I was always passionate about,” he said. “It’s something I had a love for.”

You can see his talent in his work that he’s spent most of his young life developing.

“I started with pencil, didn’t even use color or anything and then when I got to middle school, high school my teacher taught me to use more color pencils, watercolor and then a little bit of acrylic,” said Jobe, who now uses an iPad as often as he uses a sketch pad. “Digital art is something I’m trying to build on and get better at.”

His favorite subjects are people and occasionally his work will raise some eyebrows.

“I like to do controversial work, I like to do something that makes people look at it and be like, what is that?” said Jobe. “When I see something on television I try to figure out what is something I can do, I have this talent. Maybe I can do something with it to help speak for what it is I feel like.”

But for Jobe he says his favorite piece is a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

“Kobe was the biggest hero to me, other than my father, ever since I was young we were Laker fans and when he passed away, I took it really hard.”

Only in his mid-20s, Jobe has accomplished a lot in his short life, it’s something he’s drawn to do.

“I feel like that is what I was called to do.”

You can check out Jobe’s work at

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