‘You get a lot of stares’: Local family has pet pigs

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CLEMMONS, N.C. — It’s not something you see every day.

“You get a lot of stares,” said Eric Blanks, as he walked his two pet pigs. “You get a lot of slow car rolls.”

The onlookers are just part of the fun of having pigs as pets.

“We have Charlotte and we have Jasmine,” he said. “Charlotte is the diva, it’s her house, she’s in charge.”

Charlotte is the queen of the house because she arrived first to the Blanks’ home when she was a piglet at the urging of his daughter Izzy.

“I’ve always wanted a pig since I was 3 years old,” Izzy Blanks said. “They finally caved to give me a pig.”

But they ended up with two little pigs.

“Pigs do better in pairs,” Eric Blanks said. “When they are by themselves they will try to dominate other pigs and humans in the house but when they are in pairs they only worry about each other.”

Both quickly made themselves right at home.

“The biggest part was realizing how loving they are,” he said. “All they want is belly rubs and butt scratches and food, lots of food.”

In case you are wondering, they are house trained and require a lot of work, room and regular walks. The family gave up pork products after the two pigs moved in. They also can live 20 years and connect with you in more ways than you would expect.

“I say I have a bigger sense of connection with them,” he said. “When you look in their eyes they have that look of — they are thinking about you.”

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