Thomasville woman can draw almost anything — and draw it fast

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Deanna Long first realized her talents when she was just a kid and was stuck in a hospital bed for scoliosis for two years.

“I couldn’t move anything but my hands,” she said. “So, I like to draw, and I did it really well lying in that bed.”

As an adult she’s learned to use her talents to make a living doing portraits of people and pets.

“It’s my life, it’s what I do,” said Deanna, who can draw about anything she sees. “It’s already in my mind, I just transfer it to the paper.”

Sometimes she even surprises herself at what she can do.

“Looks like they come alive,” said Deanna who can do them fast. “First I was doing it in 15 minutes, until now I got to five minutes and if the pencil is really sharp, I can get it in two minutes.”

She also comes up with hundreds of themed drawings that cover almost any occasion.

“I want to do what makes people feel good,” said Deanna, who loves sharing her talent with others. “I feel in these times we need all the love we can get.”

Visit Deanna Long online.

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