Stokes County farm grows 20 different kinds of garlic

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STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — Cheryl Ferguson’s family have been on this farm in the Capella community for over 100 years.

“We’ve got really deep roots here,” said Ferguson, standing outside the family home which she now lives in. “My daddy was born in that house in 1919 and he was the baby of nine children.”

Farming runs in the family’s blood.

“I credit my daddy for my love of the soil and growing things,” she said, as her husband prepares the soil for another season of garlic.

“We grow 20 varieties of garlic, I say mild to wild,” she said, of the labor-intensive crop that’s done all by hand. “Garlic is like having a baby – it takes about nine months, so we plant it in November and harvest in June.”

While they are known for their garlic they grow a wide variety of vegetables.

“We grow greens, kale, collards, lettuce … we got tomatoes in our greenhouse right now,” said Ferguson, as she works on the day’s harvest of sweet potatoes. “It’s a beautiful piece of land.”

The farm name – Plum Granny – comes from an old-timey Appalachian name for what some folks call a passionflower. Sections of the farm are also named after loved ones, preserving that family farm’s legacy.

“[The farm has] good bones,” she said. “It’s got a lot of love and hard work over the years and lots of good memories and it’s great to keep that going.”

For more information, visit the farm’s website.

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