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BEAR CREEK, N.C. (WGHP) — For nearly 40 years people have been going nuts over Berta Scott’s fruitcake.

“It was my mother’s idea, her recipe,” said her son Randy Scott. “She started selling them in her living room.”

She called the fruitcake, known for including lots of pecans and walnuts, Southern Supreme and today the Scott family makes a lot of it.

“We started in my sister’s single-car garage and we cooked fruit cakes there for about four years,” said Randy, who now can’t make the cakes fast enough in their 30,000-square-foot facility. “We make the cake close to the same way we started.”

This time of year it’s all hands on deck as the family ships out its signature fruitcake — and many additional holiday favorites they’ve added over the years — to people around the world.

Almost all the cooking and packing is done by hand.

“At least 65 percent of our workforce are retired folks that live close by,” said Scott. “They work a few months out of the year and they love coming to work here.”

Outside, busloads of people pull in for tours of their kitchens and to shop their showroom store for their holiday favorites.

“Never dreamed it would become this big,” said Scott. “We are thankful for people who make us a part of their Christmas.”

For more visit While mail orders can no longer be guaranteed in time for Christmas, the store will be open through Dec. 23.