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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Summer is always sweeter with ice cream.  

“It’s pretty cool to have a job where everybody is happy all the time,” said Eric McLaren, who opened Twin City Sweets with his wife Chelsea in a small roadside stand at the corner of Clemmonsville and Stratford Road. “There is truly no other way to fit someone else in here, but I’m riding solo.”

The building may be small but business is booming. 

“It’s a trailer,” he said. “We bought it from somebody who was making snow cones in Charlotte.”

His late father-in-law Donnie Newsom encouraged Eric and his wife to start a business.  

“He probably would be right in there scooping ice cream with Eric,” Chelsea said. “They were two peas in a pod.”

Her dad served up that entrepreneurial spirit and creativity with them 

“Every time someone came up, it was really like I felt a little of his spirit was working through me,” she said. 

Being creative is exactly what sets Twin City Sweets apart. Each week has a different theme while their signature sundaes include local flavors like Moravian cookies.

“Today, the Piedmont Peanut Butter sundae is popular,” Eric said. “It’s the feeling they get when they come here that people enjoy.”

Twin City Sweets is open through Halloween.