Roy’s Folks: The art of canning with Chad Tucker’s mom

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STOKES COUNTY, N.C. – For many families, canning is a summertime tradition. 

“My mom and dad have five kids, three girls and two boys,” said Sue Tucker Lawson, Chad Tucker’s mom.

She has been canning since she was a young girl. 

“When it came to a garden it was a necessity,” Sue said.

For Sue’s family, green beans have always been a favorite from picking to snapping. 

“We canned everything that came out of the garden,” she said. “You canned in the summer to eat in the winter.”

After Sue picks and snaps (or breaks as some like to call it) her beans she washes them.

“Some of these I washed three times,” she said. “Then I put them in a pot to change the color.”

Sue then washes her jars, adds a teaspoon of salt and packs the beans in.

She places seals and rings on top and places them in a canner to cook for the right amount of time. 

It’s a lot of work but Sue says it’s worth it.

“You put all that work in growing those green beans and packing them in there,” she said. “So they were special when you went to open them.”

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