Randolph County woman is the ‘Deer Whisperer’

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — There are a lot of deer around the Sue Allen’s home.

“Yes, a lot out in there,” said Allen, who has a favorite deer. “I see her everyday, twice, three times a day.”

Affectionately called “Baby Girl” the favorite deer has been visiting Allen’s home ever since it was an orphan fawn.

“I fed her the bottle and she just knew who fed her,” Allen said. “I looked up on the internet and it said you could break them from the bottle at 12 weeks, well she still came and got a bottle.”

The deer has been coming around for eight years now.

“We just ended up calling her Baby and I just added Girl, ‘Baby Girl,'” Allen said.

Since the deer is wild, Allen has always been worried that Baby Girl might get hit by a car or shot by a hunter.

“So we just put an orange collar on her and it’s worked,” she said.

Baby Girl is a little bit skittish around people she doesn’t know.

Baby Girl is free to come and go as she pleases, sometimes returning with her offspring.

Allen doesn’t know why Baby Girl has stayed so long but they are glad she has. In addition to loving animals, Allen and her husband have been foster parents to more than 100 foster kids over the years.

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