Randolph County tie-dye artist’s face masks in high demand

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — Dave Luther is known to most as Hugger Dave for his welcoming embrace.

“It’s heart to heart,” said Luther, who picked up the nickname while going to Volkswagen bus rallies across the country. “Before then I had never been somewhere where everybody was so happy and mutually concerned about everyone, it’s like a big family.”

It was also at rallies like this where Dave got a reputation for his tie-dye art.

But since the pandemic things have changed. Hugs are now virtual and his tie-dye art has taken on a whole new dimension.

“I got asked to do some face masks for a local nursing home and just did some for them and donated them,” he said. “I made the mistake of posting them online.”

The face mask was a hit, so much so, he can hardly keep up with demands.

“It’s kept me busy,” Luther said. “I became an essential worker.”

He uses a variety of techniques and has created some amazing designs.

“You never know what you are going to get,” he said. “It’s always like Christmas morning.”

While he still does T-shirts and other clothing, masks have dominated his time, but like all of us he hopes one day mask won’t be a part of everyday life, but hugs will.

You can find his work on Facebook.

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