Photographer spots American white pelicans at High Rock Lake dam

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For several years, some rare birds have made a stop at the High Rock Lake dam.

Debbie Montgomary is always waiting for them with her camera in hand.

“Just give us a little show, we can handle it today,” Montgomary said, while watching the birds. “Sometimes you see different birds in this area.”

Montgomary has come in search of one that is pretty rare for this part of the country — the American white pelican.

“They are one of the largest birds in North America and larger than the bald eagle,” she said.

It’s a long way from the birds normal range in the central part of the United States. For many years now, they’ve been showing up and nobody really knows why, but Montgomary is just glad they are.

“I think people get so busy they forget the beauty around us,” she said.

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