Patrick County man carries on grandfather’s legacy of making handmade slingshots

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PATRICK COUNTY, Va. (WGHP) — Shawn Rorrer knows a thing or two about slingshots.

“I feel very lucky,” said Rorrer, who learned the sport from one of the best. “I consider it a blessing to have a grandpa who shot slingshots.”

His grandfather, Herbert Rorrer, was known as the King of Sling.

“Papa’s eyesight was unreal,” he said. “He could see like a hawk.”

We first met the legendary slingshot shooter in 2006.

“Every time I go into town they ask, ‘Are you armed?'” said Herbert, back in 2006. “You don’t think I would come to town unarmed, would you?”

Back then Herbert made FOX8 one of his personalized handmade slingshots, a skill he passed on to Shawn before he passed away.

We still have that original slingshot which Shawn was happy to make some repairs to along with a new one before taking out some aluminum can targets.

“You got to love what you do and I love making these things and shooting them,” he said.

Before his grandfather passed away Shawn promised him to continue the family legacy and share the love of slinging a slingshot with future generations.

“Every time I shoot, I get to think about him,” he said.

Check out Shawn’s handmade slingshots by visiting Rorrer Boy’s Sling Shots on Facebook.

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