HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — For 30 years, Efflee Howell has been collecting African and African American history. 

“Before there was any history, there was black history,” said Howell, who has shared his collection on the road with schools and community groups. He calls it the Thankful Museum.

“I call it Thankful because…I’m thankful for my heritage, and I grew up in a community called Thankful,” he said.

His love of history started in the Thankful Community of Wilkes County. A descendent of slaves, he was always looking to learn about his family roots.

“I have an 1831 slave schedule where my great grandfather was sold,” Howell said. “The goal is to have a permanent spot in the Triad.”

His collection includes photographs, magazine covers, art and artifacts.

“It’s an opportunity for the youth to see the many things their parents and teachers have told them about,” he said. “But also for the seniors to take a trip down memory lane.”

The walk through his collection gives all generations a chance to reflect on the darker side of African American history but also celebrate African Americans.

“That’s how I see what I’m doing,” he said. “To talk to as many people and tell them…hopefully, one day nobody will have to do it.”

His collection is now on display through June 30, Thursdays through Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. at Sabrina’s Gallery on 112 South Main Street in High Point.