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MOUNT AIRY, N.C. — As many of our viewers know, I love food and Mayberry. So, I was in heaven when I came across Miss Angel’s Heavenly Pies during Mayberry Days.

“People will just stare and point in the window,” said Angela Shur, better known as Miss Angel. “They will open that front door, smile and say it smells heavenly.”

Miss Angel and her staff start baking at 4 a.m. each business day using fresh ingredients to make her signature pies. Many of the pies use peaches and apples grown on her and her husband Randy’s farm just outside of town.

“We were trained to bake,” recalls Miss Angel, of growing up in a family of bakers. “We would never buy a store-bought pie.”

Some of her popular pies and ice cream are loaded with more than just fresh fruit — but legal moonshine.

“We see people from all over the country in our store daily,” she said. “Many online orders now being shipped to other states but it has to be two-day shipping because I don’t have any preservatives in my pies.”

Miss Angel has now expanded, opening up her orchards where you can visit her country store, pick your own fruits including pumpkins and have dinner on the weekends.

Visit for more on her bakery, farm and upcoming fall events.