HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Not everyone who works at Porter’s Automotive walks around on two legs.

Supervisor Major, the dog, has been showing up to work with owner Dale Porter for about 8 years now.

“I hope he appreciates it,” Porter said. “I do take good care of him, and I do feed him well.”

He’s like a supervisor walking around throughout the day, greeting customers and making sure everyone is staying busy. 

He’s also a part of their public relations department. In fact, he’s front and center on all their local ads.

“He’s been in every one of the local magazine ads since we started doing it,” Porter said.

He’s become a fixture with customers who now look for him when they enter. 

“He helps make your day a lot better,” said one customer.

Just one of many reasons dogs really are man’s best friend.