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Man’s organization helps keep North Carolina waterfalls clean

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WAYNESVILLE, N.C. — Photographer Kevin Adams has always had a fascination with waterfalls.

“When I got my first camera, first thing I wanted to do is point it at a waterfall and it just stuck,” said Adams, who has captured hundreds of waterfalls to date and written books about them. “It just immerses you when you are there.”

Interest in North Carolina’s waterfalls has been going on for decades.

“When Facebook started and you had social media and everyone could share everything about the waterfalls, it exploded,” he said.

With their growing attraction the waterfalls became a victim of their own popularity.

“The littering and trampling and other environmental factors had me thinking somebody needs to start looking after them,” Adams said. “Nobody was going to do it, so I needed to do it by myself.”

Adams founded Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina, a nonprofit organization with a mission of protecting these wonders of nature.

“One initiative that has been extremely popular is our Adopt-a-Waterfall,” he said. “It’s where people can pick the waterfall of their choice and agree to visit that waterfall four times a year and pick up trash when they go.”

People have been adopting waterfalls all over the state and he hopes this passion will cascade to prompt more people to get involved. The group will hold a waterfall clean-up day across the state on March 20.

“We just want to try and help,” he said.

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