Letters of hope from Rainbow Bridge help people dealing with loss of pets

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Todd and Stephanie Belcher love animals. In fact, Todd makes a living painting pet portrait.

“The first painting I did was of Jimmy, he was a dog I found in 1990,” said Todd. “He was our first dog together.”

Jimmy was one of those special pets and inspired their business. One day Jimmy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

“It’s a place where they are healthy, whole, and happy,” said Stephanie. “They live wonderful magical lives while waiting for the rest of their pack to join them.”

But thanks to writer and friend Julie Palm, the Belchers have been able to stay in touch with Jimmy.

“I was doing some blogs for their pet portrait business and unfortunately they had a dog Joey, who that I had gotten to know very well, pass away,” said Julie. “Stephanie and I had an idea to have [Jimmy] write back to Todd and say Joey has arrived.”

Letters of healing from Rainbow Bridge was born.

“It brought Jimmy back to life so to speak,” said Todd. “Just so many memories of him.”

After the first letter, Julie and Stephanie started sending more letters to friends, each written from Jimmy’s perspective.

“The letters come from Jimmy and I am merely his conduit,” said Julie. “He lives in my head now, he shows me what’s going on there.”

Now the letters from Rainbow Bridge help many people mourning the loss of their furry friend.

“Julie’s writing is so good and full of detail it’s easy to see something pop out that I should illustrate,” said Todd, who adds drawings to the letters.

“[Jimmy] is a very sweet dog.” said Julie. “He’s found a mission in sending these letters and trying to make people feel a bit better and connected to the ones they love.”

For more about Jimmy and his letters visit fromtherainbow.com.

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